Grill Lovers – Achieving a Healthy Way to Grill is Possible!

Healthy Way to Grill

Grilling meat and vegetables outdoors in the summer is a treat! It not only tastes delicious, we get a chance to eat in ways different from our usual diet. Achieving a Healthy Way to Grill is Possible! Typically, everything goes well. Some people get an upset stomach after eating meat or vegetables from the grill. This is bad if you already have stomach or intestine issues. You want to avoid problems when grilling. Some tips are presented in this blog to help you grill well all summer/winter long.

Issues When Grilling

One common issue is that food turns black (chars) on the outside and does not cook completely inside. Some people won’t eat charred food because they think it may cause cancer as well as taste bad. What to do?
• Make sure frozen food is completely thawed before grilling
• Create a cooking plan to prioritize what should be cooked first
• Use a grill thermometer to know the cooking temperature for each food item
• Create a two-zone cooking area: hot for searing in the juices and warm to finish
• Cook food slowly and don’t let ashes get on it
• Wait until the last minute to put sugar or honey on food or it will burn and taste bad

These suggestions should help out whether you use charcoal or gas.

 stomach or intestine issues

Another problem is that some meats stick to the grill, come apart, and pieces fall into the fire. Some people let the pieces burn and get ashes on them. Then people eat this food. Do this:
• Keep your grill clean at all times
• Heat the grates and clean them before cooking – Use a good scraper
• Oil the grates before cooking – Use meat fat for chops or steaks or cooking oil for other foods such as veggies or other meats – Let the flames die down first
• DON’T use non-stick cooking spray
These ideas will help keep the food in one piece and help prevent burning. Burn too much food and people won’t want to come back.


Achieving Healthy Grilling In Your Backyardhealthy vegetables

If you are a grilling enthusiast it’s good to know that achieving a healthy way to grill is possible. A number of tips have been accumulated over time that can help out. Here they are:
• Choose smaller portions of meat – don’t overeat (hard to do we know)
• Never reuse marinade, spices, or rub after touching raw meat – wash your hands
• Grill skinless chicken and fish
• Use lower fat cuts of beef and pork
• Make kabobs or cook in foil for a change
• Cook colorful vegetables and fruit – coat with healthy oil first
• Avoid fatty foods and too much salt
• Use small amounts of sauces, coatings, or dressings
• Traditional side dishes can be full of fat – lighten them up
• Try whole grain buns, breads, and pastries
• Keep the grill clean
With a little practice and a change of grilling habits you will be eating healthier and safer in no time. These tips will help prevent eating the wrong kinds of foods and a belly ache.

Your Upset Stomach May Be More Than Grilled Food

Digestive Medicine Associates

It looks like we have tried to blame burned or unhealthy food on your upset stomach. If this is a recurring issue you may have a stomach or intestinal problem that should be pursued with your doctor. There are common disorders that bother people on a long-term basis. You many have an ulcer, Crohn’s disease, heartburn/GERD, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or other condition. Grilled food can irritate the condition.

If you are suffering from frequent stomach pain, bloating, gas, or other related issues see you family doctor. Most likely your physician will refer to a specialist. Digestive Medicine Associates provides Gastrointestinal services for children, men and women. Make an appointment with one of our specialists for a complete diagnosis and a plan for recovery.