Allergies and Food Digestion – Does One Affect the Other?

The short answer to this question is “yes, they do affect each other.” Sneezing, runny eyes and sniffing are signs of Allergies and Food Digestion. When they occur we typically take over the counter medications for relief. Allergy injections may be prescribed by your doctor. Pollen and other allergens are not the only causes of this malady.

Gastrointestinal Health – Sinuses – Allergies

Alergies Food Digestion

Food digestion can be directly related to several common allergy symptoms. Gastrointestinal health  also affect your sinuses. Our bodies have two immune barriers to protect  us  from outside influences; the  respiratory system and the digestive tract. Our “gut” can strongly influence the entire immune system when it is not functioning properly and may people suffer allergy symptoms in the spring and other allergy seasons as a result.


Intestinal Permeability, more commonly known as leaky gut, can produce allergy symptoms. Definition: Leaky gut occurs when the digestive tract lining becomes inflamed and porous. The problem occurs when undesirable things leak into the bloodstream such as:

  • Yeasts
  • Bacteria
  • Undigested Foods
  • Other Toxins

The result? Some people’s bodies receive signals their immune systems are being attacked. Their bodies try to protect themselves and create inflammation throughout their entire bodies.

For many people a myriad of health issues can occur following the toxin leaks.


Causes of Intestinal Permeability

There are a number of factors that contribute to Intestinal Permeability. They can include:

  • Foods such as gluten, dairy, processed foods, fast foods, sugar
  • Medications, Stress, Infections
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Imbalances in the body such as intestinal bacteria
  • Environmental toxins

Our specialists at Digestive Medicine Associates will diagnose your symptoms and create a plan for relieving or curing your individual allergies and food digestion issues.


Effects of Leaky Gut and Seasonal Allergies

 Food Allergies

A malfunctioning digestive tract and seasonal allergies can have painful or chronic effects on many individuals. They may not only suffer in the spring but symptoms can continue through the year. Common effects can include:

  • Typical allergy symptoms
  • Joint pain and Fatigue
  • Skin conditions
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Gas, Heartburn, Bloating
  • Constipation, Diarrhea

Some people suffering from Intestinal Permeability show no digestive symptoms. That’s why it is essential to have your doctor refer you to a specialist.



Diet – Allergies – Food Digestion

Nutrition Food Allergies

Our diet can have a direct influence on our food digestion and allergies. Sometimes a change in diet will do wonders to relieve our allergy and digestive symptoms. Today’s gluten creates problems for many people. Gluten is the protein found in grains. It has been genetically altered in the seed form, grown in the field with chemicals, processed, and stored in harmful ways.


Food intolerance and allergy symptoms can find relief by changing diets to allow the digestive tract time to heal. An anti-inflammatory diet can help tremendously. Our specialists can do a screening for food sensitivities to uncover underlying causes.


How We Can Help You

Our doctors will review your personal and family medical history as a starting point. We will perform standard examinations and tests to make an accurate diagnosis. Treatment and follow up procedures will depend on your diagnosis.

A gluten free diet is a good start for most people. It may not be enough to provide relief for everyone. Improving your gut bacteria with probiotics can be an effective way to heal the digestive tract. Nutrition therapy may help. Lowering stress is a winner for many of us. Managing our hormones and autoimmune system is another approach that can be effective.

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